Chris is a friendly bon vivant with a penchant for weightlifting and a large Incredible Hulk action figure collection. He was born to a religious home in Kitchener Ontario, and has been a writer ever since.

His background is in the theatre, where he has penned over thirty plays, including musicals, solo shows and plays for young audiences. A highlight was Bash’d! A Gay Rap Musical which played Off Broadway and won a GLAAD media award.

He has since added TV and Film to his pursuits, co-creating Tiny Plastic Men with Mosaic Entertainment for SuperChannel. It’s now in its fourth season and looking towards a fifth. We’ve been nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy three times in a row, so it can longer be attributed to clerical error.

Chris is also the writer/director of It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway starring Alan Thicke and Quentin Aaron. He has written an action feature called NinjaGirl (currently being pitched by Mosaic Entertainment) a romantic comedy called Dorothy, combining elements of comedy, fantasy and science fiction.